Let's gosociall® Disclaimer

1. What you should expect from Let's gosociall® but wouldn't get, just yet!!

While our Teams are working hard, day-in and day-out, to provide an exemplary user-experience and a seamless service, covering the maximum possible activities under its gambit, but below are some put-offs for now:

  • Facebook: Only those News Feeds in which the User is tagged, or have been posted by the User himself/herself are visible in the read-stream so far. We are pushing Facebook to be more accommodative and inclusive in their approach.
  • Instagram: Only those News Feeds that a User has posted himself/herself are visible in the readstream so far. Liking/Commenting on Posts isn't possible yet. We are pushing Instagram to open up.
  • Google+: You cannot do anything on Google+ yet, except to just see what you have posted yourself on Google+. We are pushing Google+ to stay relevant.
  • LinkedIn: While you can post on LinkedIn, you cannot get their Newsfeed. We are pushing LinkedIn to give the Link.
  • You cannot post a Video yet with our Platform. We are gathering enough money to be able to afford better servers.

2. Addictive

Let's gosociall® is addictive. We recommend you to stay judicious and discrete in terms of how many hours you should spend on our Platform. We also wish to alert you, that staying hooked for longer hours on your smartphone is injurious to your data-plan, and not just your eyes and phone's battery. Stay Social, Stay Healthy!!!