Welcome to the Let's gosociall® Help Center

No, till now you cannot tag photos on Facebook through Let's gosociall®. You can only post the photos, and that too one at a time. We are working out the solution to this and shall keep you updated as soon we have found one.
Yes, till now, only those News Feeds in which the User is tagged, or have been posted by the User himself are visible in the read-stream so far. We are pushing Facebook to be more accommodative and inclusive in their approach.
No the problem is not in your account. It's a problem with us. We are gathering enough money to be able to afford better servers.
While we are also still finding a logical reason why we are not allowed to post a status on Instagram and Google+ via Let's gosociall®, the fact at present is that you cannot post an update on these two Networks.
Only the Newsfeed that one has posted himself/herself on Google+ shall be visible on Let's gosociall® and we are pushing Google+ to stay relevant here.
If on the 'Manage Social Networks' screen, the red-tick is displaying against LinkedIn, then there is no problem with your account linkage. However, the newsfeed from LinkedIn cannot be displayed on Let's gosociall® yet, and we are trying to convince LinkedIn to give us the link.